In a period of increased competition in the world, companies are trying to sell their products from the narrowing domestic markets to foreign markets. For that reason, it constantly develops new marketing strategies. There are many ways to sell your products to foreign markets, but with the new world scheme and developing technology, the old-fashioned old methods are now over. In addition to participation in international exhibitions, GLOBAL TRADING exports its products to face to face by finding new customers, such as Competitive Intelligence, Foreign Trade Intelligence and Competitor Intelligence. We can work with your company as you desire, we can sell your products directly to foreign markets or GLOBAL TRADING takes commission from each export. GLOBAL TRADING works as follows to export your products;

Preparation for Export

  • The conformity research of the requested product is made for export.
  • The target market is determined by researching which markets and in which countries.
  • The situation of the competitors in the target market and price analyzes are made.

Preparing to Find an Export Customer

  • Competing firms can be identified by Competitive, Competitor and Foreign Trade Intelligence method.
  • The buyers are analyzed and invited to visit the exhibition stand and making meeting face to face.
  • After the necessary correspondence agreements, contracts are signed.
  • If you want to make a site visit if the recipient companies to come to Turkey, GLOBAL TRADING pickup at the airport, hotel accommodation, bringing the factory will represent your company as required by interpreting the entire organization in the best way.

Product Preparation and Shipment for Export

  • Receiving and confirming the order from the company by e-mail.
  • Proformation prepared and sent to the recipient.
  • Preparation of product, packaging and packaging as requested by the buyer.
  • Shipment of the product with shipping and customs procedures.
  • Completion of payment.



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